Sunday, August 22, 2010

Amazon Discovery

On my last trip to the darkest reaches of the Amazon I was searching for rare wild epiphytic orchids. Suddenly, I came across the most astounding thing, a male bipedal mammal hiding in the pristine mud of the undergrowth. It was a human, and a gorgeous specimen at that. His skin was a lovely shade of light cocoa brown and his hair was black. He was perfectly muscled.

Shy at first, he stood up and proceeded to act as if he had never seen a Caucasian woman. Perhaps he hadn’t living here in the remote Amazon. He touched my hair, my face, peered into my green eyes. He never spoke, though I told him my name was Sue in English, Spanish and Portuguese all to no avail. So I named him Tender One since he touched me so tenderly. He was completely naked as you can see in the photo I took.

He began to tug at my clothing and I wondered exactly what he was trying to do. Then I understood he wanted to see the rest of my body, since he had never seen a white woman. He did not know how to remove clothing with modern fasteners like zippers and buttons since he had never been exposed to them either. Okay, I thought. This was for science. So I helped his unsure fingers undo the buttons on my shirt, then the zipper on my shorts. In no time I was as naked as he. He stared for quite sometime and then the touching began. His fingers gently stroked my body, testing it like fruits of the jungle to see if it was ripe.

But his body but was ripening too. My breathing quickened seeing his body respond to mine. Plus his innocent touch had turned me on too. Quickly he just lunged and grabbed me. I gasped. He forced his tongue into my mouth roughly and I struggled to breathe. He was so big and strong and there was nothing I could do. He took me with one strong arm over to a moss covered place in the forest, put me on my back spread my legs and pushed himself into me. Oh god, it felt so good. I moaned with pleasure and he became an animal in his lust grunting and groaning while wildly thrusting in and out of me while holding my ass in the air with his hands. I lost track of how many times I came with him. They all kind of blended together; each one occurring on the cusp of the other. He came in one final explosive thrust and then the beast in him was sated and became tender once again. He gave me gentle kisses and then a last longing look and took off through the thick rain forest for parts unknown, never to be seen again.

I discovered no rare orchids on my trip, but do have some interesting memories, don’t you think?

Amazon Discovery, part 2

The young explorer was deep in the Amazon jungle looking for a rare variant of the blue morpho butterfly. He held his net aloft. He thought he had seen one flitting up ahead and then he lost it in the dense foliage. He treaded carefully in that general direction.

He had separated from his research group on purpose, because he felt they scared his precious Lepidoptera away with all of their camp noise. Now he was all alone and could finally hear himself think. He remembered the last explorer in the area who was researching orchids, Sue Fairview, who ran into the Tender One, who got a bit “friendly” with her. No chance of that happening to him though. Like he would ever be so lucky. He chuckled to himself. Then he caught sight of his prey again and was off running through the jungle.

Suddenly he tripped over a log he had not seen and fell head long into a stream. He got up, soaking wet to the skin and there he was. The Tender One, standing there completely naked. He was enormous. The young explorer had not believed Sue’s description of his size. It was hard to tell from the photo she took. This man was huge, everywhere. And uncut! Well naturally he would be. The explorer stood stock still so as not to frighten the man and softly said his own name. The Tender One came forward slowly to touch the explorer’s face and gaze into his eyes, the same as he had done with Sue. Then the wild man laughed noiselessly when he noticed the explorer’s wet clothes. The explorer laughed with him and said out loud that he ought to take them off to dry. He took his clothes off and laid them on a rock to dry.

Then he turned and saw the Tender One was watching him undress the whole time. What a specimen of a man he was. Perfect in every way. His skin was beautiful and evenly toned; this musculature was balanced and large, blackish-brown eyes and hair complemented everything. The explorer found himself breathing deeply and then realized that he was getting an erection. He turned his back quickly to hide it from the Tender One. But it was too late; the Tender One had noticed it and his curiosity was aroused.

He walked to where the explorer was and placed his hand on the explorer’s shoulder to turn him back to face him. The Tender One looked down at the explorer’s erection and put his hand on it very gently, as if to cradle it. Then he moved in to kiss the explorer. They kissed deeply and the explorer wondered if he had died and gone to heaven to have this dreamy man kissing him and holding his genitals. The explorer’s hands moved to the Tender One’s ample chest and back and held on for balance as he moaned into the kiss. When he opened his eyes, the explorer could see that the Tender One’s eyes were closed and he was echoing the explorer’s erection with an even larger one.

The explorer couldn’t wait to touch that raging boner, and so he did. He grabbed the Tender One’s penis and began to masturbate it using the foreskin while gauging the man’s reaction to that. The Tender One’s head rolled back in ecstasy in response and the explorer was relieved. Slowly, the Tender One went to his knees, and then sat down. The explorer moved with him, keeping up the motion. Then the explorer really decided to give the native a treat, and put his mouth on the man’s hard on and sucked it in gently, guarding it with his lips and tongue. The explorer had to open really wide to take all of the native’s member into his mouth, so large it was. A loud deep groan filled the jungle, as if an animal like a lion was being satisfied, when the explorer did that. At this point the wild man lay prone, helpless, lost deep in pleasure the likes of which he had never experienced before. The explorer took care to do all of the fellatio tricks he knew as it seemed that it was the first time for this poor man. It didn’t take long at all for the Tender One’s breathing to begin to quicken and his hips to involuntarily rise to meet the explorer’s mouth’s descent as if he was getting close to cumming. The explorer thought, that’s okay, let him cum like this, after all, it is his first ever blow job. And cum he did. Oh boy! How long had it been wondered the explorer? Jets of thick white cum spurted into the explorer’s mouth and he swallowed as much as he could, but there was too much. It went into the explorer’s hair and onto his face. The peaceful look on the Tender One’s face as he lay there after was priceless. But the explorer had not yet cum, but he was close too as he was so excited by the Tender One. He put his own hand lubed with spit and cum on his own cock and began to masturbate while the native watched. The wild man propped his head up with one arm and used his right hand to help the explorer. He wrapped his massive hand over the explorer’s smaller one and moved both hands up and down rhythmically while gazing directly into the explorer’s eyes. It didn’t take too long for the explorer to cum this way.

After a brief rest, the explorer rose and rinsed his face in the stream, and went to get his clothes and leave. While passing the Tender One, a strong arm shot out and grabbed his ankle and pulled him down to the ground. The native man was very strong. The explorer’s mind raced. He had just given this wild man who cannot speak an amazing orgasmic blow job and now he expected the wild man to just let him walk away? What had he done? Would the wild man ever let him leave? He glanced back at the wild man trying to see what was in his eyes. He saw lust. Raw lust.

Stay tuned to hear what happens next on the Young Explorer…

Amazon Discovery, part 3

The young explorer lay there on the ground, thinking what shall I do next? Suddenly, the Tender One leapt to his feet and keened an ear this way and that as if he could hear sounds far off in the jungle. The young explorer took this chance to try and rise, but the wild man ended that quickly with a foot on the middle of his back. Then the Tender One reached down for the explorer, pulled him up to his side and gestured for him to follow deeper into the jungle. The explorer wanted his clothes and picked them up to take them, but the wild man tore them away and threw them back onto the ground, grabbed the young man and pulled him in the direction he wanted him to go.

In a millisecond, the young explorer reviewed the situation. It was quite obvious that the Tender One wanted to abscond with him for lascivious reasons and in doing so, leave his clothes behind. He wondered if the rest of the camp would worry about him since it was approaching sunset and he doubted he would make it back before dark. He tried to picture someone finding this spot as it looked now with his clothes all strewn about. Would they know that he was alright? Was he alright? This man didn’t seem to mean him any harm. He could put up a fight, but he knew he would lose against this very strong and decidedly larger man.

He decided to go without resistance. Besides, he was going with this man for exploration and “science”. What chance would anyone ever have to study these primitive human’s sexual habits ever again? He nodded to the larger man and off they went deeper into the jungle. The young explorer did his best to keep up with the pace of the Tender One, who would stop from time to time to allow him to catch up.

***** ***** *****

Meanwhile, back at camp, Sue Fairview was wondering where Mr. Butterfly, her nickname for the young explorer, had got himself to. She decided to look for him. Off she went into the jungle. He was a quite a piece of work, was Mr. Butterfly. She liked him quite a bit, but he was peculiar. He was very particular about some things and didn’t really care about others. Noise seemed to really bother him, so she walked away from the camp noise and towards good butterfly hunting areas. It took her some time, but eventually she found his clothes. They were laying about in an odd fashion as if he had taken them off, and then struggled with someone to take them with him and lost. But who? Could he have met up with the Tender One as she had? She saw no blood, so certainly he was alive. She gathered up his things and returned to camp sullenly to report him missing.

***** ***** *****

The Tender One and the young explorer had reached the place the intended. The Tender One gathered some coconuts and fresh fruits for the explorer to eat. Nearby there was a fresh pool of crystal clear water and a thin but persistent waterfall of about twenty feet.

The Tender One went for a swim and the explorer joined him. It was bliss and paradise rolled into one. The water was cooling and refreshing and seeing the heavily muscled masculine figure of the Tender One glide through the water was a real treat. After that, while the explorer was relaxing, the Tender One came out of the water and halved a largish melon, scooped out the seeds with his hand, and began to make a poultice in it. He added leaves from local plants, flesh of small fruits, and a mushroom cap. He continued to pound and stir the mixture with an animal thigh bone until it was a gooey consistency. The explorer looked over with curiosity wondering what the goop was for. To the explorer’s surprise, the wild man slathered the goop on his penis and began to stroke it while ogling the explorer’s body. It didn’t take long for the large man to get an erection and then he gestured to the other to come over and try the goop on his penis.

The explorer took a deep breath and thought, okay, but this is just for “science”. He put his hand in the goop and put some on his penis. He began to stroke it on and there was an immediate local numbing feeling that passed quickly followed by and amazing warmth and feeling of well being that passed throughout his body. Once he was erect, the hallucinations kicked in and he just wanted to be fucked in the ass so badly he could taste it. He glanced at the gorgeous bronzed larger man with a needy, hungry look in his eyes, hoping that the man could read his mind. It seemed that the larger man could, because after slathering some of the goop on the explorer’s asshole the wild man came at him with out hesitation and spilled him over onto his hands and knees and entered him roughly with one or two sharp plunges of his huge member from behind. Under any other conditions it would have been excruciatingly painful, but with all of the drugs in the goop lubricating and numbing him and altering his senses, he felt nothing but need and satisfaction all in one.

“Oh god, this feels so good! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Oh yeah, right there, there is my spot, oh yeah, man you have got it, ohhhhh.”, exclaimed the explorer. They went at it for what seemed like hours, since the drugs made them less able to cum as well. At some point the Tender One’s breathing became quicker and his thrusts more urgent and staccato, and somewhere in his brain, the explorer knew he was close too, but was too distracted to have any other rational thoughts. The explorer came first and his rectal muscles’ spasming brought the other man also. They came for what seemed to them to be extended periods of time, but in all reality probably wasn’t. Then they separated and lay there catching their breath, exhausted and covered with goo and cum.

Night had fallen.

***** ***** *****

Back at camp, Sue lay sleepless consumed with worry for the young explorer. What was he being forced to endure at this moment? She rolled over again, but could not find the bliss of unconsciousness. She only calmed herself by knowing that she would be out first thing in the morning to look for him.

Stay tuned for what happens next week to the young explorer and the Tender One…

Amazon Discovery, part 4

The next morning at sunrise, the young explorer awoke and the Tender One’s arm and leg were over him, holding him tight in an embrace while they had slept like spoons. Apparently, the Tender One had cleaned the goop off of them because both of them were clean. The Tender One was strongly and steadily breathing in his ear. He looked at the strong, manly hands of the wild man. God, every square inch of this guy was gorgeous. He was afraid to move lest he disturb the other man’s rest, but he really had to make his morning ablutions. He slowly arose, but this did not wake the wild man who slept soundly. He poked around the intended area as quietly as possible. He noticed the melon containing the goop they had used was covered with the top of the melon and resting in the water propped on some rocks, thus kept cool and protected from insects. He decided to go for a swim to get clean and refreshed and then try to leave. But, he didn’t know the way back by himself anyhow, so he couldn’t just sneak off. So he dove into the crystal clear pool and instantly felt more clearheaded as if the last of the drugs finally left his system.

While he was in the water, the Tender One awoke and watched him swimming. The native stood and strode to the water’s edge. He dove in powerfully and with manly strokes swam to where the explorer was. He playfully splashed water in the explorer’s face. The explorer splashed him back and a splash fight ensued. It ended when the native dunked the explorer and held him under, and then rescued him roughly by holding him across his chest and swimming with him to the beach. The explorer was a bit dazed and just hung limply letting the bigger man pull him along through the water.

***** ***** *****

Sue Fairview awoke and had convinced the rest of the camp the night before to allow her to take Mr. Butterfly’s things to where she had found them and wait for the Tender One there. So, she packed her backpack and set out for the spot where she had found the young explorer’s clothes. When she arrived, she sat down to wait. She took the young explorer’s things out of her sack and put them down next to her. The sun was coming up; she could just see it edging up through the dense canopy. She had not slept at all the night before, so she decided to lie down for a bit.

***** ***** *****

Now fully recovered from his dunking, the young explorer feasted on coconut milk, coconut meat and fresh fruit gathered by the native. The Tender One aped looking embarrassed as he “accidentally” dripped some coconut milk onto his penis and pointed it out to the young explorer as if to say, “Can you help me clean this up?” The young explorer smiled, as this was probably the native’s subtle way of asking for another blow job. He didn’t think he would get far refusing. So he went to it. He licked up the coconut milk. Then, while the native was still a bit soft, he put his tongue in between the foreskin and head and swirled around and that earned a deep moan from the wild man. Two large hands found his head and guided it up and down as the explorer tried not to gag on the now engorged large member of the native man. He created some suction, but the wild man became frantic with his hands and hips and now and again his large penis came out of the explorer’s mouth and made a noise as he lost suction. Eventually a rhythm was maintained and in no time the wild man came in creamy jets all over the explorer’s face and hair.

But then there came a real surprise. The Tender One seemed to want to learn this technique. He took the explorer’s index finger and put it into his mouth. He sucked on it with his tongue and lips and looked earnestly into the explorer’s eyes as if for approval. This look melted the explorer’s heart. These big brown eyes on this masculine face were just too much to bear. The explorer wanted to kiss him so badly just then. But he resisted because he really wanted to leave this place today. The explorer took the native’s larger index finger and put it into his mouth. He exaggerated putting his lips over his teeth to protect the finger from his teeth and then created suction and swirled the finger with his tongue. A look of understanding came to the native’s face. The practice on the explorer’s finger improved. The Tender One was now ready for the real thing.

The Tender One opened his large mouth wide and enveloped the young explorer’s already erect penis. There were some teeth initially, but this was corrected immediately. Then the suction began. It was incredible. The suction was incredible. It was like having an industrial vacuum attached to your penis. I mean he sucked!!! Hard! The explorer had never had anyone suck him this hard. The explorer couldn’t hold back, he exclaimed, “I’m cumming!” Then he let loose and came hard into the native’s mouth. The native had never tasted cum before and he looked thoughtful. But he swallowed it all. Then they held each other close and tenderly for a time and gazed into each other’s eyes.

Then, suddenly, the Tender One stood and left.

***** ***** *****

Sue Fairview had dozed off. A shadow passed across her face and she opened her eyes. It was the Tender One. “Oh!” She exclaimed, “It is you.” She stood to greet him, and he swept her into a kiss. He held the back of her head and the small of her back while kissing her. “Do you have the young explorer?” She gestured to his things on the ground. He released her and motioned for her to follow him. She quickly gathered her pack and Mr. Butterfly’s things and followed hiking at a quick pace to keep up with him as he led her deeper into the jungle.

Sometime later they reached the place intended and there was a naked Mr. Butterfly! She ran to him excitedly and said, “Mr. Butterfly! You are alive and well!”

“Sue! You found me!” They hugged, even though the young explorer was naked. ‘I have so much to tell you! You just won’t believe it. But I really want to get out of here. Oh you brought my clothes. Thank goodness.” He began to dress hurriedly. “You didn’t by any chance bring any collection bottles, did you?”

“Sure, why?”

“Grab some of that goop out of that melon in the water there if it is okay with the Tender One. Um. We used it as a lubricant. Um. Long story. But it had a hallucinogen and I would like to know which one. Maybe we could bring it back to the foundation for analysis.”

“Oh? Oh! Sure. Let me see. Yes, I have four plastic soil collection bottles that I carry for my orchids; each holds half a cup. I also have an ice pack that you mangle to make cold so we are all set.” The young explorer watched as Sue went over to the Tender One and pantomimed what was wanted. She took a collection bottle and pretended to scoop out some goop from the melon, screw the cap on and put it into her sack. Then she kind of gave an asking look, like would this be okay with you? The she showed the native the four bottles. The native scrunched his eyes as if trying to understand why anyone would want his goop, but finally acquiesced. So, Sue gathered the two cups of goop as planned, mangled the ice pack to make it cold, and put all of it into her sack. All that was left was for the Tender One to lead them back.

The Tender One did not look happy, but he led them out and back to the original place he had met both Sue and the young explorer. The native gave the young explorer a last kiss good bye. He shoved his meaty tongue into the explorer’s mouth and pressed his erection onto the explorer’s crotch, just to give the explorer something to remember him by. The explorer’s last thought was good thing I didn’t eat his gorgeous brown ass, or he never would have let me go.

***** ***** *****

Back at the privately funded Foundation (that is the Foundation for Understanding Nature, a.k.a FUN) the goop was submitted for chemical analysis. Sue and Mr. Butterfly awaited their next assignment location. This trip had really brought them closer. They shared all their dirty, scandalous little secrets. Now they were fast friends; thick as thieves. They vowed to travel together whenever possible.

Iceland Investigation

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Back at the Foundation in Bethesda, Sue Fairview and the young explorer were called into a meeting for their next adventure to be assigned and discussed. They were going to Iceland to investigate and conduct a survey the current state of flora and insect life in areas threatened by planned industrial damning of river valleys around the town of Sölatvirkjun. They would be teaming up with Russian vulcanologists studying geothermal changes in the same area when they arrived in Reykjavik. They left the glassed in conference room and went for cappuccino.

On their way to the kiosk, they ran into the analytic organic chemist, Dr. Gutekunde that was working on the melon goop submitted from the Amazon. He joined them at their table with his tea.

“I can give you some preliminary results on that concoction, er, sample you guys brought in. Let’s see. It had a weensy bit of psilocybin, from the mushroom cap I suppose, a very itsy bitsy bit of cocaine, probably from the cocoa leaves, and I found a common known anti-biotic or two, plus an unknown compound that the anti-viral lab tells me has broad spectrum activity. (Of course he gave the amounts in micrograms per milliliters, but it has been translated from the metric to the literal for you non-science folks.) Get this; it is most active against the human immunodeficiency virus. How’s that for news? Could be a new drug active against HIV!”

We both looked at him and said in unison, “What!!!”

“Keep in on the QT for now kids; we wouldn’t want to start a press feeding frenzy. But you guys did a really great job down there bringing this stuff back. We are going to fast track analysis and testing, find the structure, try to synthesize it, and if we can’t we will have to go back and find the natural source. But going back to find the natural source would be antithetical to our purpose here at the foundation, now wouldn’t it? You know, disturbing nature and all that. But the compound seems pretty simple, so we should be able to synthesize it. Then we have to scale it up to produce larger amounts and begin safety testing and then test for efficacy. You know how it goes with drug development. I am sure that FDA with work with us on this one. But congratulations you guys. Great job!” Then he slapped the young explorer on the back, stood and left.

Sue and the explorer just stared at each other open mouthed in disbelief.

Sue said, “What just happened?”

Mr. Butterfly answered, “Um, I think we heard some really great news and I think it is going to be okay that I had bareback sex in the Amazon after all.”

A warm smile came to Sue’s face and she tilted her head laughed a hearty laugh, and Mr. Butterfly joined her. They finished their coffees and returned to their cubicles to work out the details of the Iceland trip.

They were pretty psyched. The plan was they would fly there, and stay in Reykjavik for a couple of days to gather supplies, meet the Russians, then travel by bus to the Sölatvirkjun area on the Könetikut River and camp with two Russian volcanologists who were there to study associated geothermal changes around nearby hot springs and volcanoes. Sölatvirkjun is a town on a river that is to be flooded at some point in the future. They would stay there for a week and travel with the Russians by horseback to areas of interest to both parties.

Mr. Butterfly was excited to go to Iceland because of the Gay nightlife he had heard about there. He mentioned it to Sue and she was into checking it out too. They couldn’t wait to go. Tickets were purchased from Expedia departing from Baltimore to Reykjavik for only $530 round trip and the flight would only take about 5 – 6 hours each way. Bags and backpacks were packed with excitement. Tents, research and camping equipment were shipped in advance. Everything was ready for their excursion to the little northern island of Iceland. The month was July and everything was perfect.

What little adventures would our explorers get into this time?

Iceland Investigation, Part 2

You know that television commercial with the little boy who is just too excited to sleep because he is going to Disney World? Well, that is how Mr. Butterfly and Sue Fairview felt on their Air Icelandia flight to Reykjavik. They just chatted the whole way there about what they would see and do. It seemed in no time their jet was making its approach for landing at Keflvík Airport. The wheels were dropped from the fuselage, locked down into place for landing, the plane leveled, slowed and landed. They taxied to the gate and rolling stairs were pulled up for their exit through the Leifur Eiriksson Air Terminal.

They changed some dollars for krona, went through baggage claim, customs and immigration without problems and grabbed a taxi for the 40 minute ride to the Floki Inn. They spoke no Icelandic, but showed the address to the cabbie and he was familiar with it.

They had chosen to stay at the Floki Inn because of the reasonable price of $70 dollars a night per person for a room with shared bath facilities. Surely they did not want to waste privately donated funds on expensive lodgings. Yet, the Floki was well located within walking distance of attractions in Reykjavik and clean. They had only planned on staying two nights and then they would be camping for most of the trip. So having a bed at all would be a luxury for those two nights.

Check in time wasn’t until 4:00 pm and it was hardly lunch time. So, they went to check on their shipped supplies and those had arrived just fine and were stored in a separate area at the Floki.

Sue had arranged for a trip to the local spa to get an Ayurvedic cleansing treatment massage. They went there and were shown into changing rooms, where they showered and changed into spa robes and slippers.

One masseur was Shiva and the other was Krishna. Shiva explained that he had studied massage in India under his grandfather. The herbal oils were designed to purge the body of toxins. These warmed oils were poured over their bodies and massaged in deeply for 90 minutes. Neither of them felt much like moving after that. They checked into the Floki Inn and had dinner at a respectable fish place that had a lobster special.

After a nap, at 10:00 in the evening they donned their Diesel jeans and went out to hit Reykjavik’s clubs. They began with the leather bar, MSC. It is opposite the Opera house at the back of a dark alley. When they got there they were told that women are not allowed in! So, Mr. Butterfly decided to just pop in for a glance and then come back out. But, he reported that it was too early for anything to be happening there.

So they moved on to the next club on their list, the Spotlight Club. They stopped in for vodka (the drink of choice here in Iceland) but nobody was there and they moved on to Club 22. Finally, this was where it was happing for the evening. The club upstairs was packed as and they were having a Diana Ross disco dance night. Right away they noticed that this was a mixed venue having both gay and straight clientele.

They both felt like the new gazelles that have just entered the savanna and all the lions were checking them out. Sue and the young explorer felt like fresh meat. It didn’t take long for both of them to get asked to dance. Sue’s partner was very cute, tall, brunette and thin, but muscular; he’d do just fine. The first song they danced to was Love Child. Sue asked him what his name was, yelling over the music, and he said that he was called Nikulás. She told him her name and they continued dancing. The song changed to I’m Coming Out and the crowd went wild.


Sue peeked over at Mr. Butterfly and his dance partner was really cute. Like to die for cute. He had a very modern look and was wearing a ski cap that made him look very sexy. They were really getting down to the music.

But then, Nikulás brought Sue’s attention back to him with his fingers on her chin. He said, “Don’t look at your friend, keep your eyes on me. You never know what I’ll do. I might just do this.” Then he leaned in and kissed her on the mouth. His hand went to the back of her head and his tongue entered her mouth gently. She allowed it. It was quick and fun. Then they just kept dancing as if nothing had happened.

The next song was Upside Down and that was also a real crowd pleaser. During that one Sue noticed that Mr. Butterfly and his dance partner had taken their shirts off and were getting to know each other a bit better; they were kissing too. Then the DJ played a slow song, Missing You. Nikulás did not hesitate to bring Sue in close. Sue and Nikulás embraced and trust me; there was no room to throw a cat in between them. There was body contact everywhere. Like many of the other couples on the floor, they began to kiss and press their bodies together suggestively. All of the drinks and the music and Nikulás and Sue were getting pretty turned on. When the song ended Sue whispered into his ear, “Do you want to go?”

He said, “Sure.”

Sue and partner headed for where Mr. Butterfly was to tell him they were going. They had to interrupt him and his new friend but they did. Sue told him they were leaving and returning to the Floki. He said that he would also be going back soon with his new friend, Rurik. Sue winked at him and he smiled. Even Rurik managed a guilty smile and a wink.

Nikulás had trouble keeping his hands off of Sue on the short sunlit walk back to the Floki at nearly midnight. Sue just kept telling him in the immortal words of Diana Ross, You Can’t Hurry Love. He didn’t think that was very funny. Eventually they got back to the room. Sue unlocked the door and they both fell into the room. Nikulás closed the door behind them and began peeling off his clothes and hers. Sue’s hands fumbled trying to help him with his belt buckle and pants zipper to expose his hard-on. When that was done she went down on him, taking as much as possible in her mouth all in one go. He threw his head back, pushed out his hips and moaned. She deep throated him right away and didn’t stop even though he had quite a length on him. She supported his balls with her right hand and gave them a little tug now and then, circling them with her thumb and forefinger. She steadied herself with her left arm around his waist. She really was making a sloppy mess of things. His pants were around his ankles, but he didn’t care. He had to stop her before he came and he certainly didn’t want to come this way, not before he had the chance to fuck her.

So, he stopped her, even though she was giving him the probably the best head ever and finished undressing her by pulling off her shoes and Diesel jeans. He put a condom on and pushed her back on the bed and directed his cock into her pussy as she tilted her hips up to help him. But, he was not satisfied. He asked her to flip over, and she did. She went to all fours, and on his knees, he held her hips and entered her pussy from the back. The view from here was much better. He could see her spectacular ass as he pumped away at it. Oh, god she was tight from this angle. This wasn’t going to take too long. It felt way too good. He asked if she was close and she was moaning in reply. That was a good sign. Her skin felt so buttery soft; how did she get it that way?

Sue was in heaven. And Nikulás was putting her there. Every stroke of his rock hard cock was bringing her closer to nirvana. That bright and shining edge of pleasure was so close and so far. Right at the edge, just a bit closer, oh so close, so close, close, don’t stop. Then she moaned in pleasure loudly with her release and Nikulás heard it and knew what it meant. He could feel her insides constricting on his cock with her waves of pleasure and he was right behind her. A couple more strokes and there he was, he shot waves of creamy sperm into the condom. A couple more strokes and he collapsed on top of her with his release and then scooted off so as not to crush her with his weight. She turned to him and they kissed; both blissful and satisfied. Sue smiled and said, “That was wonderful.” He had to agree; she was a damn hot fuck.

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Iceland Investigation, Part 3

Meanwhile, Mr. Butterfly’s adventure was as follows. He arrived at Club 22 with Sue and it was Diana Ross disco night. A really cute young man with a ski cap asked him to dance and of course he said, “Yes!” The first song was Love Child. Cool! The young explorer was dying to know this cutie’s name and leaned in and asked, but there seemed to be a language barrier. Eventually, though it became clear that the cutie’s name was Rurik. There was quite a bit of eye contact during the dancing and that was a great connection in Mr. Butterfly’s mind. He also thought that Rurik moved in a very sexy and body conscious fashion and that boded well for them. Then during Upside Down, Rurik stripped off his shirt in one fluid and sexy motion revealing a very toned upper torso, so the explorer stripped his shirt off too. That was when the heavy flirting really started. Rurik put his hand on the explorer’s naked shoulder and the explorer grabbed Rurik’s narrow waist.

Then the slow song, Missing You began and nothing was stopping them from clinching and kissing. Their naked breasts touched and their groins were pressed together meaningfully. Their tongues lashed out at each other as mouths joined. Mr. Butterfly held Rurik’s broad shoulders, but Rurik held Mr. Butterfly’s ass and squeezed it tight to him in a suggestive manner that needed no language to understand. When the song ended, they did not want to part, but Sue and her partner came over and interrupted them.

Sue told Mr. Butterfly that she and Nikulás were going back to the Floki Inn. Mr. Butterfly assured her that he and Rurik would be following soon. Rurik managed a guilty smile. Sue and her partner left the guys to their own devices.

“Finally we are alone.” Said Mr. Butterfly.

“What?” said Rurik. “Sorry. My English is not so good.”

“Shut up and dance.”

The next song was Stop in the Name of Love by the Supremes. The whole dance floor did an entertaining parody of the hand movements to that song. Mr. Butterfly and Rurik had fun dancing to it; holding out their hands when the word “stop” was being sung. No language was needed here either. The next song was I Will Survive. They boogied to that one too and it was a real crowd pleaser with the older folks. It struck both of them how dance and music is really an international language. They could meet and communicate perfectly without needing to know each other’s tongue. The next song was Ain’t No Mountain High Enough and message of that song was not lost on them. They decided to leave to get to know each other even better. They were covered with a fine sheen of sweat as they donned their shirts for the walk back to the Floki Inn.

When they got there, Mr. Butterfly unlocked the door and let Rurik into his room. He then closed the door and turned to Rurik. They clinched and kissed feverishly. Hands fumbled with shirts and pants as they undressed quickly. Feet kicked off shoes. Hands embraced stiffening body parts. Rurik thought to himself, what does he do to keep his skin so buttery soft? But that thought was quickly replaced with lust for Mr. Butterfly. Rurik put his hands on Mr. Butterfly’s shoulders and going to his knees, then ran them down over Mr. Butterfly’s pecs, tweaking the nipples while gazing into his eyes, then grabbing Mr. Butterfly’s hips, he took Mr. Butterfly’s already erect penis into his mouth.

Mr. Butterfly gasped in ecstasy and threw his head back. Rurik circled the helmet with his tongue and then sucked the member in as hard and fast as he could to the root until his nose was in Mr. Butterfly’s neatly trimmed pubic hairs. With his other hand he began to play with Mr. Butterfly’s asshole, inserting a finger to the first joint.

Mr. Butterfly was very pleased with Rurik’s blow job, but more so with his perfectly rounded ass. Oh god, he wanted to eat that thing. But how could he communicate that to this man who spoke no English? So he reached down to fondle those delicious globes. Rurik looked up from what he was doing and slowly rose to a standing position. They walked over to the bed. Mr. Butterfly gently pushed Rurik’s shoulders down so that he was on all fours on the bed and got behind him. What a view from here! He could see the young man’s perfect ass cheeks, balls, and pendulous erection. Then in the center, he saw the prize, Rurik’s cute pink pucker. Mr. Butterfly leaned in to gently blow on the pucker. Rurik shuddered with pleasure. Mr. Butterfly put his hands on Rurik’s ass cheeks and spread them wide and began to lick Rurik’s asshole. It tasted a bit salty and sweaty, but after all that dancing, that was no surprise. It was delicious! Mr. Butterfly’s tongue teased at the pucker itself, trying to loosen it to gain entry. Finally he did and his tongue went in and he could hear Rurik groan deeply with pleasure. His tongue went in more as he ate Rurik’s ass. Mr. Butterfly then hummed into Rurik’s asshole the melody from Stop in the Name of Love. This drove Rurik wild with pleasure.

What a terrific rim job he was getting; probably the best he ever had. Rurik just wanted to fuck Mr. Butterfly so badly. But where was the lube? There it was on the dresser by the bed. Reluctantly he broke away from the pleasure of the rimming and got up to get it. He donned a condom, had Mr. Butterfly lay back on the bed, lubed him up and got on top. Rurik was hard a rock and ready for action as his penis nudged Mr. Butterfly’s lubed asshole. It didn’t take long for the head to enter and Mr. Butterfly gasped and held his legs by the shins a bit tighter to his body, as if that would lessen the pain. Rurik was not gentle. He decided to give Mr. Butterfly a fucking to remember him by and plunged the entire length of his average sized organ in all in one go. It only hurt for a moment, then it was bliss for Mr. Butterfly whose breathing deepened quickly. Mr. Butterfly looked steadily at the handsome young man making love to him and was entranced. A blush formed over Mr. Butterfly’s face and spread to this chest as he was fucked vigorously.

Rurik was also in heaven. This is really fucking hot, he thought as he pounded away at Mr. Butterfly. Rurik knew he would explode in orgasm soon but he couldn’t stop himself. So without warning, he came. But, Mr. Butterfly had been around and could read the signs. He could see that Rurik’s breathing had deepened and that his strokes were quicker. He wasn’t born yesterday. He let the kid get off. He wasn’t that far behind anyway. He only needed a few strokes himself to get off and that’s just what he did. Rurik pulled out and took off the used condom.

Mr. Butterfly got up to brush his teeth. When he returned Rurik was watching local television. They kissed and settled in for a night’s sleep.

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